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Tips for Candidates to Obtain a Job During the Pandemic

The new normal after the onset of the pandemic has created a high level of uncertainty in the minds of job seekers. The coronavirus situation is unpredictable, and many candidates are confused about the best approach they should follow to obtain a job during the pandemic.

We’ve listed some job hunting tips candidates can follow during the pandemic. Read on to learn more about them and use our job advice to your advantage during the job search process.

  • Ensure you have a strong LinkedIn presence

LinkedIn is a social media platform that recruiters commonly use to discover suitable candidates to help them fill vacant job positions. The stronger your LinkedIn profile is, the higher are your chances of recruiters and founders paying attention to it. In addition, recruiters may contact you for potential job openings on LinkedIn if your profile is properly optimized using the relevant keywords related to your area of expertise. Ensure that your LinkedIn profile is updated with critical information like the current company where you are working, your educational qualifications, skills, etc.

  • Attend online networking events

After the pandemic, attendance at in-person events has decreased because of the restrictions across the globe. On the contrary, online networking events have become more common, allowing people from multiple cities and countries to come together. In addition, you can attend online networking events and initiate conversations with recruiters or other business decision-makers, who may keep you updated about relevant job openings that are suitable for your profile.

  • Familiarize yourself with video conferencing applications

During the pandemic, remote interviews are becoming the norm. Hence, candidates must familiarise themselves with how to install and use video conferencing applications to avoid confusion at the time of the interview. The interview process will flow at ease if the candidate is already accustomed to the video conferencing platform. Zoom and Google Meet are popular video conferencing platforms used by businesses to conduct remote interviews.

  • Be flexible to opportunities

During the pandemic, there are limited job opportunities that open up for qualified candidates. Hence, candidates must be open-minded and open to taking up job opportunities that do not fully meet their desired criteria. For example, candidates may take up a part-time job rather than a full-time job if limited opportunities are available in the market. This will enable candidates to better transition to full-time job opportunities later in their careers.

  • Focus on upskilling

Since there are limited job opportunities that open up during the pandemic and many candidates apply for them, candidates need to upskill themselves to be seen as the most suitable candidate for specific job roles. Upskilling is popular job advice as it helps candidates improve their skills. For example, digital marketers may attend an online conference which helps them specialize or upskill in running paid ads on a particular platform, enhancing a skill in their portfolio and may hence, successfully clearing a job interview.

  • Showcase your expertise

Since there is a high level of competition in the job market for candidates, candidates need to put in extra effort to stand out. One way they can do this is by showcasing their expertise through posting content on social media relevant to their industry. (for example, a digital marketer may share insights about trends in advertising on LinkedIn)


Follow the above job hunting tips to increase your chances of success in your job search. We wish you best of luck!

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