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Items Candidates Must Carry to A Job Interview

Imagine that you’ve applied to jobs at multiple companies and have secured numerous job interviews. The next step is to ensure that you perform well in the interview. To perform well, you need to prepare well; and preparation also includes carrying all the essential items/objects you may require in the interview room.

We’ve listed the essential items that candidates must carry for a job interview in this blog post. Read on to know more about them.

  • Copies of your resume/curriculum vitae

Whenever appearing for an interview, one may not know how many rounds of interviews can you expect to happen. There are multiple rounds of interviews since one single round of interview may not suffice in decision making or finalizing a candidate. There are multiple stakeholders in hiring a resource, and hence carrying numerous copies of your resume/curriculum vitae becomes essential. There are times when you have multiple rounds, and each interviewer might take notes of the interview on your CV and, hence, want to keep that copy of the resume.

Hence it's always advised to carry 2-4 copies of your resume for an interview. Carrying multiple copies of a resume/curriculum vitae also shows that you are an organised and well-prepared individual.

  • Stationery like pen and paper

Carrying basic stuff like a pen and some blank A4 sheet papers, show that you have come prepared for the interview. You may be asked to fill out certain forms with your contact details in the interview room, or if given an assignment, you may require a paper. While the interviewer can certainly provide you with such basic stationary, carrying these yourself shows that you have come prepared, are serious, and are keen on this job opportunity.

  • Portfolio

One of the things that best showcase your skill and ability to perform your tasks well is your work portfolio. A portfolio is a collection of your best work, and skilled professionals actively use it. For example, a graphic designer may bring their best artworks/graphics/creatives to the interview room in the form of a printed portfolio, or a portfolio on a tablet or mobile phone. Similarly, a copywriter may bring a portfolio of advertising copies to the interview or showcase their past work.

  • Copies of educational certifications

There are instances when you have a great interview, and the hiring manager is well convinced to hire you immediately. In such a scenario, to expedite the hiring process, you may be prompted to show your educational certifications right after the interview. This is a positive sign that you have a bright chance of getting selected after the interview. Hence, always carry them to ensure that the document verification process is not delayed.

  • Photographs

Many companies ask for passport-size photographs of candidates so that they can store their data in one central location. Additionally, in certain employment forms, attaching a photograph may be essential. Hence always carry 2-4 passport size photographs with you.

  • Folder

Carrying all documents in a well-organised file or folder gives a positive impression to the interviewer. It shows you have come prepared and are an organized individual.

  • List of references

Once the interview round is complete, candidates may be prompted to provide a list of suitable references. While every organization may not ask for this at the first level of interaction, if candidates are prepared to give this list, it increases their chances of conversion. Hence, you must prepare this list before the interview round.

  • Relevant questions for the interviewer

At the final stage of the interview, the interview may ask you if you have any questions related to the job role. This is a great chance to know more about the company and other things that may not have been mentioned in the job description or the company website. Hence, you must be prepared with a list of relevant queries in mind that you can ask the interviewer based on your research. Relevant questions show both your eagerness to perform well in the job role and your level of preparation.


We hope you’ve better understood how to prepare yourself before an interview, and what things you must carry for a job interview by reading this blog.

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