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7 Unique Interview Questions to Ask Candidates

An interview is a critical part of the hiring process. During the interview process, an employer must ask some specific questions to evaluate a job candidate in the best possible manner. In this blog post, we’ve listed the 7 best unique interview questions which the hiring managers/decision-makers of the company can ask promising candidates to analyse whether they are a good fit for the job.

Question 1: What is one thing you wish to change about the company?

While the candidate has not started working in the company, this question can still help assess whether the candidate has done sufficient research about the company through social media accounts, the company’s website, and so on, to be able to analyse whether there is something that can be changed about the company. It helps check the candidate’s ability to think quickly.

Question 2: Describe a professional experience you don’t like.

Unlike usual interview questions like ‘’Tell me about yourself’’ or ‘’What are your strengths and weaknesses?”, this question helps analyze which situations candidates didn’t like in their previous jobs. If the interviewer feels like the candidate is likely to experience something similar in his/her new job, they will know that the candidate may not be the best fit for the job role.

Question 3: What is the most important decision you’ve ever made?

A question about important decisions helps the interviewer know whether the candidate can make the right decisions that can benefit the organization. Suppose an interview takes place for senior-level roles like supervisory or managerial roles. In that case, this question becomes even more crucial to ask during the interview, as these roles involve a lot of decision-making.

Question 4: Why did you choose this profession?

This question helps the interviewer know whether the candidate is passionate about the job role. The interviewer may decide not to choose candidates who have simply chosen a career because of recommendations and not because of their interest in the job role.

Question 5: Can you rate me as an interviewer?

This question provides an opportunity for the interviewer to know more about candidates’ logical reasoning abilities. In addition, the interviewer may ask the candidate the specific parameters which the candidate kept in mind during the interviewer rating process.

Question 6: When did you go on the most unique outing with your coworkers?

A question like the unique outings that the candidate has been on during other jobs can provide insight into the candidate’s personality. The question will help interviewers know who the candidates are beyond their professional lives and whether they will be a good fit for the organization’s culture.

Question 7: Can you tell me something about yourself that is not in your resume?

This interview question provides an opportunity for candidates to share their personal likes and dislikes, which will help the interviewer know more about candidates’ personal traits/behaviours and assess whether the candidate will get along well with other members of the organization.


By asking these unique interview questions during the hiring process, interviewers will be able to improve the process of shortlisting and hiring the right candidates for specific job roles. If you wish to know more about the services offered by TALOP, a recruitment agency in New Delhi, head over to this page.

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