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5 Things To Keep In Mind While Appearing for a Remote Interview

A remote interview is conducted over a video call or a telephone call through a remote location instead of being physically present at the same place. In today’s time, where coronavirus restrictions have made it challenging for face-to-face interviews to take place, remote interviews are becoming the new normal. In addition, they provide the opportunity to expedite the hiring process when face-to-face interviews are not possible or not safe to conduct.

While a remote interview is convenient for both the candidate and the recruiter, the dynamics of a remote interview vary from a face-to-face physical interview. In this blog, we’ve discussed some tips for a remote interview that candidates must keep in mind before the interview.

  • Ensure that the appropriate technology is in place

Before the remote interview takes place, ensure that the appropriate remote interview software is in place. For example, determine whether the interview must occur through a telephone call or video conferencing platforms like Google Meet or Zoom. In addition, if there are any additional accessories like earphones, headphones, etc., that can enable the interview to take place seamlessly, ensure they are available before the day of the interview.

  • Take steps to ensure an uninterrupted interview process

Ensure that proper planning for the interview takes place to ensure an uninterrupted interview process. The same is communicated to the candidate by the recruiter. For example, the candidate must receive the link for the remote interview in time. Next, the candidate must be familiar with the technology and communicate any concerns about joining the interview and options like using a microphone, screen sharing, etc., with the recruiter, much in advance.

  • Dress appropriately

During a remote interview, dress in a similar formal fashion as you would dress in a physical interview. You must look professional in terms of appearance, regardless of whether the interview will take place remotely or in the office.

  • Proper aesthetics in the interview room

There must be no distractions in the interview room while the remote interview takes place. Ensure that there are no people or sounds in the background. Make sure there is proper lighting in the room, and your face is clearly visible. Also, ensure that you are seated on a table and not on your bed or couch. This shows professionalism in the interview.

  • Be expressive

Since it is a remote interview, understanding the candidate’s body language is challenging. Hence, it becomes difficult for the recruiter to evaluate the candidate in a lot of ways. Hence, try to be as expressive as possible through your facial expressions, hand gestures and body language while appearing for a remote interview.


Remember that you must consider a remote interview to be as important as a face-to-face interview. Follow the above tips for having a successful remote interview experience to secure your next job offer.

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