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5 points you must observe in a candidate’s resume

A resume is a document that lists down the candidate’s skills, experience, and other qualifications relevant to the job role. At your organisation, you are likely to receive a lot of resumes while you are trying to hire a suitable candidate for a job. Therefore, there have to be some criteria in the resume that you consider while trying to filter out suitable applicants based on the information in their resume.

We’ve listed the 5 things you must observe in a candidate’s resume in this blog post.

5 things you must observe in a candidate’s resume

  • Work experience

The work experience of a candidate showcases that they have performed specific duties related to the job and hence will be able to perform responsibilities well. The new hire will be better able to achieve business goals if they have relevant work experience.

  • Educational qualifications

An employee hired must possess some educational qualifications to perform a job well. If the candidate has a degree in a specific field related to the job opening, it will help them understand and perform well in the role. For example, a job opening may open for a software engineer. In this case, a candidate with a degree related to technology, like B.Tech, will be required.

  • Hobbies/interests

The hobbies and interests of the candidate are important to consider as these help assess the candidate's personality. For example, if a candidate lists art, painting, or sketching as a hobby, they would be good in a design sense and will make a good fit in roles like graphic designer, fashion designer, or other design-related roles.

  • Skills

Before performing a job, the company must ascertain the candidate's skills. If the candidate has these skills, the company can determine that they are a good fit for the job opening. Examples of skills include project management, designing, using certain software like- Microsoft Excel, communication skills, teamwork, etc.

  • Longevity/job stability

Every organization wants to hire a candidate who will stay in the job for a long time. If a candidate switches jobs often, the company may feel that the candidate does not have a stable profile and is not reliable. Hence, businesses choose to hire candidates who stay at one job for more than one year over other candidates as this depicts stability in profile. In addition, this saves time and costs of looking for a replacement if a new hire quickly leaves the organization after joining it.


Listed above are 5 points that one must observe in a candidate’s resume in the blog post. Now, you will better understand what you must take a look at while hiring candidates.

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